The Drought Finally Ended and With a Bang

Yes, The Drought Ended…..With a Bang!

We all wanted the drought to end, but not all in one day. After 3 years of drought rainfall was a mixed blessing for many, temporarily relieving extreme drought conditions and filling the near-empty Medina Lake. People in central Texas were praying for rain. Maybe there were too many prayers because when Mother Nature sent the rain it was way overdone. Areas around Bandera were hit with more than 7 inches of rain in just a couple of hours. The Medina River crested at 24 feet putting over the top of the bridge.

Don’t Drive Through Rushing Water

Most roads in or out of the area were flooded and closed. Cars and trucks were washed of the road and sent down river. Several motorcycles were swept away by flood water from the RV park.  A 200 gallon Propane tank was washed away. Residents of several neighborhoods were forced to evacuate. A number residents say it reminded them of the big Hill Country of 2002. One survivor commented ,” “It’s amazing how fast that water can wash you away,” There’s a saying here in Central Texas regarding our flash floods and low-water crossings, “turn around don’t drown.” Yet ever year three or four people try to drive through running water and either drown or rescue squads have to risk their lives to save them.

That Was Then This Is Now

That was 2015, then again in May of 2016 Mother Nature strikes again. Bandera usually has about 51 days of measurable rain. It seems as though most of the rain comes in just a few days bringing flooding, property damage, and sometimes loss of life. We’re at the beginning of spring 2017. You have to wonder what ole Mother Nature has in store for the Hill Country and its residents this spring. It might be a good idea for all of us to be a little more careful about what we wish for.