Hickory Floors

Old Hickory

The Hickory tree is known to produce one of if not the hardest of the hardwoods. This makes hickory a top choice material for use in hardwood floors. Your floor takes more of a beating tan any other part of the home with maybe the exception of the roof.  Both the roof and floor need top constructed with materials that can stand the abuse. For the roof, if you want strength and endurance you go with a metal roof. With the intense heat and severe weather, we have here in the Houston TX area, a strong roof in a great asset. Incidentally,  if your present roof needs replacing check on a metal roof Houston contractor.

Back To the Flooring

Hickory flooring is one of the hardwoods available for someone looking to re-do the flooring in their home. As with any type of product, there are advantages and disadvantages with different types of flooring. Hickory is one of the best options for installing hardwood floors. It offers a unique natural design, blending beauty and elegance with the benefits of endurance and strength. This pulls the attention of all towards Hickory as one the most suitable hardwoods for flooring. Hickory is just a great option to consider when installing new hardwood floors. It will certainly offer a unique design that adds beauty and elegance to someone’s house without that tacky feeling.

Color and Beauty

Hickory flooring has a yellow and cream tint. It also contains black swirls and knots. Hickory floors come in many different colors and values. This variety gives one the opportunity to choose the type of flooring that is right for them. Hickory flooring ranges from light cream to a warm medium brown sometimes with stripes. Hickory flooring wide board has enjoyed increasing popularity in recent years. Typical staining makes it suitable for many design styles and the durability is unparalleled.

Hickory tree characteristics.

Hickory Pig is a white cream. Hickory flooring is available in this type of unfinished and pre-finished. Pre-finished hickory floors are recommended for kitchens as it is processed in factories. Hickory is considered one of sturdiest solid hardwoods and is an extremely stable material for the flooring. Also, we note, a floor of unfinished floor hickory wood takes stain very well.

Hickory Has the Hardness To Take The Abuse

Hickory is probably the most highly sought after flooring material in North America. With a Janka hardness rating of 1820, hickory creates a very desirable floor for active families, especially those who have active children and/or larger pets. Hickory floors have a beautiful thick clear pattern with a typical radiant contrast of yellow and rich brown. This is particularly well suited for those who want a dramatic style, or for a more rural decor. Hickory flooring comes in two classes Select and Rustic.



The Household Menace

Mold Is Our Kitchen and Bathroom Menaces

Protecting our families from disease and sickness is very important to all of us. Along with that, as a homeowner, protecting our home and properties from damage is also a priority. You always have to keep in mind that you need to carefully maintain your house to prevent its structures from weakening or breaking, especially in times of local disasters or infestations. One of the more common infestations, can be a serious problem if left unattended.  Mold can lead to health problems and even structural damage to our house.  Mold cover an area of 6 to 10 feet will require a professional mold clean up.

What Are Molds?

What exactly are these molds, and how harmful can they be? Here is a short lesson on mold biology. Don’t worry, it is not that technical, but will help you understand what you are dealing with. so you can better find a remedy to solve the problem. Molds belong to the kingdom classification of fungi. Fungi are microscopic organisms that reproduce asexually they have no means to produce their own food. They often grow on decaying organic matter. Fungi thrive in areas where temperature is warm, and where there is ample moisture and a suitable pH level or acidity level. Fungal forms, like molds, often grow on surfaces on your kitchen and bathroom.

Fast Growth

Molds, even though they are microscopic creatures, can be a force to reckon with. Since a small patch of wall covered in molds can mean millions and millions of fungal cells could be growing inside the wall.  Their populations have the ability to grow exponentially within a few days to a week. Colonies of molds spread quite rapidly, and if left to grow uncontrollable can weaken the structures in your home, causing safety hazards.  If that’s not bad enough, the asexual reproductive forms of molds, called spores, can make many people very sick? A single mold can release millions of tiny spores into the air, which can easily enter the human body by inhalation. Hypersensitive persons, or those with severe forms of allergy, can fall into anaphylactic shock after inhaling these mold spores.

Don’t Allow Mold A Foothold

To prevent the health risks caused by molds, always maintain the cleanliness of your home. If there are areas where molds have been detected, clean them right away. For more serious cases, you can call a reliable mold clean up service to better deal with the problem. To control the moisture or humidity levels in your house, use a dehumidifier, which can be purchased online or from your hardware store. In your bathrooms or kitchens, if they are not well-ventilated, install exhaust fans to keep the air clean. Replace worn-out or moldy carpeting, damaged tiles, and mold-infested wood structures in your home immediately. Regularly check your gutters and potted house plants, to avoid any stagnant water deposits.