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Mold Problems

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Mold Needs a the Right Environment

Mold RemediationMolds usually appear in areas of your house that are humid and have ample moisture. After flooding or rain, expect these molds to start checking in places with suitable temperature, and those spots that have not been completely dried up. Think your roof has a small leak somewhere? Chances are, the molds have gotten there before you have, and are now forming colonies on your in your attic in your walls, and soon will be on tiles, flooring, and even your carpeting. This will require professional mold remediation. Is there a way to stop this from infesting and taking over your entire house? The answer is yes.

Mold Needs Food

Note: Molds are not exactly like animals, nor are they considered as plants by biologists and taxonomists. Molds belong to the fungi kingdom, and within this kingdom are found parasitic fungi and other forms of fungi. Molds cannot produce their own food the way plants do, so they get their needed nutrients from feeding on decaying matter or even other microorganisms. Because the moist areas in your room are ideal places for bacteria to grow, molds will be there, too. Like bacteria, molds are microscopic, but the colonies they form in a short span of time can multiply to the degree you will need professional mold clean up to rid your home of the infestation.

Eliminate the Environment Mold Requires

How can you prevent molds from entering your home and possibly evicting you from the premises? First, be sure that areas that are commonly exposed to water usage, such as the kitchens and bathrooms, are regularly cleaned with effective disinfectants. These can be in the form of baking soda sprays, chlorine bleach, or even ammonia. Also, it helps to install exhaust fans in your bathroom or kitchen to filter out these microorganisms. If rugs or carpeting get wet, be sure to air dry or sun dry them immediately.

Regular Maintenance Required

Use a dehumidifier if you live in a place where it is often humid. Clean your refrigerator, water dispenser, shower head, dishwasher, as often as possible, using the above mentioned chemicals. On the outside of your home, you can prevent the development of mold by cleaning your gutters regularly. Do not allow leaves to deposit themselves into your gutters as molds can start to grow on them, and find their way inside you house. Remember that if you neglect to deal with the mold problem in your home, they can infest a huge portion of your house, cause structural damage to walls and floors, and create health and safety risks for you and your family. It pays to make the smart move and eliminate the environment mold need to live and multiply..

Safety Is Number One

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Your Roof Can Be A Dangerous Place

In any household repair, maintenance, or even inspection activities, it is essential that your safety take precedence over anything else, for what good is a fixed home without the owner to live in it. Somethings are best left to professionals. If you suspect you have roof damage It’s probably a good idea to schedule a free roofing inspection by a professional roofing contractor, But if you insist on climbing up on the roof here some safety procedures you should follow.

  • Make sure to follow roof safety procedures such as ensuring that you have someone, a family member or a household help maybe, down below who can see you or can communicate with you.
  • If you are going to use a ladder to gain access to your roof, keep in mind to keep both hands and one foot, or both feet and one hand, in constant contact with the ladder at all times – a principle known as 3-point-contact.
  • Remember not to carry any equipment, parts, supplies, or worker’s tools up the ladder and instead use a rope or a hoist to raise or lower these materials to where you can reach them.
  • When using a portable ladder, whether single or extension, make sure to place the ladder so that the distance of the wall to the base of the ladder is about one fourth the length of the ladder from the ground to the support. Make sure also that the feet of the ladder are able to rest on a firm and level base and the top of the ladder rests on a weight bearing surface which is strong and sturdy enough to support you and whatever you may want to take with you up the ladder.
  • Furthermore, make sure that the portable ladder that you will be using is long enough so that its top end sticks out about one full meter above the place you will be climbing to. Make sure also that the ladder has a non-slip base or is securely held or tied to a strong structure to preclude slipping. Never ever work from the top two rungs of your ladder nor the top two steps in your step ladder because these areas offer less stability than those in the lower and middle sections of the ladder.
  • Lastly, never attempt to repair roof damage during a very bad weather because you are only exposing yourself to real danger. Wait it out and as soon as the storm passes, you can start making your informal roof inspection.

ATEX Water Damage Restortion

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24/7 Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Everything about your business was planned, from the costly, tasteful furniture in the lobby to the art on the walls. The public and private areas were designed to your specifications and are optimum for the performance of your company. You need to protect your sentimental and economic investment. To protect your investment, from the office equipment to the cubicles themselves, you need the most experienced restoration team available. At ATEX Water Damage Restoration our terrific reputation and invaluable experience should assure you that we know what to do and we know how to do it the best way possible.

Let the Experts Deal With the Clean Up

The best thing you can do after a fire is to clear out and let ATEX Water Damage Restoration deal with the mess. Avoid touching anything and wash your hands if you do. Cover any air vents with wet paper towels to avoid further soot contamination. Cleaning soot from a wall is difficult and can easily be made worse by a well-meaning employee or an inexperienced company. Although your furniture may look as though it was spared direct damage, soot and smoke usually linger within any chairs that were in the proximity of a fire. We remove the furniture to a clean environment so it doesn’t soak up more of the smoke smell. Then we remove the stains and odors. We neutralize and remove odors from just about anything, from cloth and leather to wood and concrete, plus a variety of other surfaces. We only use EPA-approved ozone sensitive products

Fire Scenes Can Be Extremely Dangerous

Another reason to leave the clean-up to ATEX Water Damage Restoration is that a fire scene is dangerous. The structure of the building could be compromised, causing unsure flooring and unsafe stairways. Electrical wiring could be damaged, exposing you to possible electrocution or death. Breathing in smoke and soot is also hazardous to your lungs. We have the right equipment to safely deal with the mess immediately. ATEX will also remove any hazardous materials which became volatile as a result of the fire. Fumes and possible flare-ups make this a job for a professional crew only. Leave it to us to handle it the right way.

We respond 24/7

We respond to your emergency with manpower, equipment, and supplies to anywhere within our Austin TX service area. Our wide variety of skills allows us to expertly, efficiently, considerately handle the damage to furnishings, important documents, ventilation systems, expensive electronics, and equipment that are crucial to return you to business as usual.


The Household Menace

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Mold Is Our Kitchen and Bathroom Menaces

Protecting our families from disease and sickness is very important to all of us. Along with that, as a homeowner, protecting our home and properties from damage is also a priority. You always have to keep in mind that you need to carefully maintain your house to prevent its structures from weakening or breaking, especially in times of local disasters or infestations. One of the more common infestations, can be a serious problem if left unattended.  Mold can lead to health problems and even structural damage to our house.  Mold cover an area of 6 to 10 feet will require a professional mold clean up.

What Are Molds?

What exactly are these molds, and how harmful can they be? Here is a short lesson on mold biology. Don’t worry, it is not that technical, but will help you understand what you are dealing with. so you can better find a remedy to solve the problem. Molds belong to the kingdom classification of fungi. Fungi are microscopic organisms that reproduce asexually they have no means to produce their own food. They often grow on decaying organic matter. Fungi thrive in areas where temperature is warm, and where there is ample moisture and a suitable pH level or acidity level. Fungal forms, like molds, often grow on surfaces on your kitchen and bathroom.

Fast Growth

Molds, even though they are microscopic creatures, can be a force to reckon with. Since a small patch of wall covered in molds can mean millions and millions of fungal cells could be growing inside the wall.  Their populations have the ability to grow exponentially within a few days to a week. Colonies of molds spread quite rapidly, and if left to grow uncontrollable can weaken the structures in your home, causing safety hazards.  If that’s not bad enough, the asexual reproductive forms of molds, called spores, can make many people very sick? A single mold can release millions of tiny spores into the air, which can easily enter the human body by inhalation. Hypersensitive persons, or those with severe forms of allergy, can fall into anaphylactic shock after inhaling these mold spores.

Don’t Allow Mold A Foothold

To prevent the health risks caused by molds, always maintain the cleanliness of your home. If there are areas where molds have been detected, clean them right away. For more serious cases, you can call a reliable mold clean up service to better deal with the problem. To control the moisture or humidity levels in your house, use a dehumidifier, which can be purchased online or from your hardware store. In your bathrooms or kitchens, if they are not well-ventilated, install exhaust fans to keep the air clean. Replace worn-out or moldy carpeting, damaged tiles, and mold-infested wood structures in your home immediately. Regularly check your gutters and potted house plants, to avoid any stagnant water deposits.


The Drought Finally Ended

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Yes, The Drought Ended…..With a Bang!

We all wanted the drought to end, but not all in one day. After 3 years of drought rainfall was a mixed blessing for many, temporarily relieving extreme drought conditions and filling the near-empty Medina Lake. People in central Texas were praying for rain. Maybe there were too many prayers because when Mother Nature sent the rain it was way overdone. Areas around Bandera were hit with more than 7 inches of rain in just a couple of hours. The Medina River crested at 24 feet putting over the top of the bridge.

Don’t Drive Through Rushing Water

Most roads in or out of the area were flooded and closed. Cars and trucks were washed of the road and sent down river. Several motorcycles were swept away by flood water from the RV park.  A 200 gallon Propane tank was washed away. Residents of several neighborhoods were forced to evacuate. A number residents say it reminded them of the big Hill Country of 2002. One survivor commented ,” “It’s amazing how fast that water can wash you away,” There’s a saying here in Central Texas regarding our flash floods and low-water crossings, “turn around don’t drown.” Yet ever year three or four people try to drive through running water and either drown or rescue squads have to risk their lives to save them.

That Was Then This Is Now

That was 2015, then again in May of 2016 Mother Nature strikes again. Bandera usually has about 51 days of measurable rain. It seems as though most of the rain comes in just a few days bringing flooding, property damage, and sometimes loss of life. We’re at the beginning of spring 2017. You have to wonder what ole Mother Nature has in store for the Hill Country and its residents this spring. It might be a good idea for all of us to be a little more careful about what we wish for.